RockJam Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

Have you always dreamed of being a drummer? Well, once you read this electronic drum set review you might realize that you can be. The RockJam Electronic Drum Set is perfect for someone who is just starting out being an adult or kid. It comes with everything you need to literally start playing out of the box which is great. No longer do you have to dream about being a rock star. This drum set is one of the best electric drum sets for allowing your rock star dream to come true. Check latest prices here >>

RockJam Electronic Roll up Drum Kit Key Features

Starting out the list of why the RockJam Electric Drum Set is so great for someone new to drumming is the price. It is very affordable and as you will find out from this electric drum set review it is packed with a lot of features. Starting off the description we have the size which is nice and compact. It is only 17in x 13in x 3in meaning you can take it anywhere and paly it on any surface. To make it even easier to carry it rolls up and only weights two pounds. Even though it is small and compact it still has nine sound pads. Four of those are for cymbals and the other five are for drums. It even includes two pedals for more sounds.


Connect To Your Computer

The sounds produced from this electronic drum set are rich and sound like a real drum. The pads also have decent bounce which makes it feel similar to a real drum set. If this is your first drumming experience, then you won’t know the difference. To give you even more options you can connect this drum set to a computer to play over your own songs. You can even upload beats to your computer which is a nice feature to have and it is a little surprising that this model can still do that for the price. This model also has built in speakers so you don’t have to have separate ones, but if you want to use separate ones you can. This means if you need the electric drum set to be louder you can, but if you need it quieter to practice at night, then you can plug head phones in as well.

Runs On AC Power Only

Outside of the USB MIDI connector there is the power supply connector. This model runs on AC power which is nice because it saves you from buying batteries, but you can’t play somewhere without power which can be annoying. If you had to you could carry an AC battery pack with you, but most likely you will probably be playing at a home or business with this electronic drum set and not outside. It is also nice that this kit comes with some sticks, so you don’t have to buy separate ones, but they are not full sizes sticks which some users complain about. Mentioning real users’ opinions we can talk about that now in this electric drum set review.

RockJam Electronic Roll up Drum Kit User Feedback

The RockJam Electronic Drum Set is fairly popular with over one hundred reviews on Amazon and it maintains a four star rating. People like the simplicity that this set offers. It is great for beginners because they can take it out of the box, plug it in, and start playing. You don’t have to worry about setting up a stand for this set or worry about programing anything. This later part is why some people have issues with this set though. It comes with one preset kit and you cannot make changes to it. The sounds you get are the sounds you get. You have the basics of a snare, low floor tom, low-mid tom, high tom, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, bass, and open/close hi-hat. While this is a full kit, if you are an advanced users then you probably want some customization ability.

People do love the cost though and understand when buying this that it is a basic set. It is really good for anyone who is just learning. Users love the play out of the box ability and that you can practice whenever. The fact that it rolls up also makes it easy for people to store it away. Users love the quality of the materials that is used too. Since it rolls you may worry that the rubber would crack or the wires would mess up inside, but this is not an issue. The RockJam Electric Drum Set was designed well to factor that in and the materials that are used are top quality. Users also mention that the built in speaker is decent quality and can be used to hear yourself play without it sounding bad. The sticks are also wood and even though they are shorter than real sticks they still have a good feel to them.

Lastly people like buying this product on Amazon because if something does go wrong with it in delivery returns are easy and the convenience of having it delivered to your home is really nice. Plus, buying it online is cheaper than getting it in the store and if you are buying this electric drum set, then you probably want to save some money.

Is the RockJam Electronic Roll up Drum Set right for you?

After reading this electronic drum set review you still may be wondering if this drum set is the best electric drum set for you. Well, to answer this question it really depends on your experience level. If you have no experience or very little experience drumming then this electronic drum set is a good option. It is cheap, so if you find you don’t like drumming or get tired of living your rock star dream then you aren’t out much. However, if you have more than a little experience drumming, then you should probably get a more expensive electric drums set that has some customization ability. Only having a handful of sounds is no fun and you can outgrow this portable set fast if you play drums a lot. Read more here >>


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